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4 Ways to Remove Malware Virus on Android Phone

As for dealing with malware on Android that is difficult to remove, you don't just need an antivirus. In addition, it can also clean the virus on Android until it is clean.


But you need to do some of the things that you must do when you want to completely clean malware on Android without remaining.


Indeed, there are many antiviruses, both paid and free, which are quite reliable, but they will not necessarily remove them optimally. Therefore you must be accompanied by important actions such as the following.


Ways to Remove Malware Virus on Android Phone

Using the Best Antivirus

Now the main step you need to do is to use a reliable antivirus application, most of us rarely ignore the function of the antivirus.



Even though you need to know that the threat of viruses is very dangerous, you don't know the time, you don't know who you are going to. Viruses are still viruses that harm your device and your data.


To remove a virus that is dangerous and difficult to remove, of course an antivirus that is reliable and also has a virus recognition database will then remove viruses (malware, trojans and so on).


If I still recommend my friend to use Avast Antivirus for Android, I also use it and it's lighter and more effective at dealing with viruses.


Enter Safe Mode

Then the second step that you need to do is to enter safe mode android, this method is quite effective for removing malware that causes your android phone to be exposed to malware.


Press the "power" button to reboot your android phone. Then press and hold the words "Power Off". Then an option will appear, my friend clicks "reboot to safe mode". then click OK.


Only then can you check which files are suspected and also the applications that have been affected by the virus. That way it is powerful enough to remove the virus that infects your android.


If you want to turn off safe mode, you can follow how to turn off safe mode on Android phones of all brands.


Factory Reset

When some of the steps above are still not Also to remove malware viruses on Android phones, the last step we recommend is to reset the Android phone to factory settings.


Or you can flash Android phones of all brands easily and safely. So it is important to note the following:


Make sure you have backed up important data, and are sure you want to do this step. Because all data will be erased from the operating system's internal memory to factory defaults.


The first step is to open the android phone settings. Then select additional settings > backup and reset. Then tap the restore to factory settings section, wait for the process to complete.


How to Avoid Malware

To avoid malware, then you should not install any application. It would be nice, my friend, to check a few things that must be considered before installing software on an Android phone.


Check the maker / developer of the application. Don't just download on other sites (other than the play store) this website is 100% safe. Avoid allowing applications that are requesting full.


So, as an anticipatory step against a virus attack, the three aspects above are very important for you to consider carefully.


Maybe that's enough, my tutorial friend this time on how to remove malware viruses on Android, If you have questions, please leave your comments in the comments column.


Hopefully the tutorial that I can share can be useful for removing malware on an Android phone.

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