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7 Ways to Overcome Phones That Are Affected by Water So It Won't Be Damaged

"How to deal with a cellphone that is exposed to water so it doesn't get damaged?"


Electronic devices such as cell phones should not be exposed to water because it can cause damage to the components inside. However, what if your cellphone or cellphone accidentally gets hit by water?


Do not worry! You can take some of these quick actions if they happen. Learn firsthand how to deal with a cellphone that is exposed to water by reading the article below, yes.


The Effect of a Water on the Phone

HP or smartphone is an electronic device that is often taken anywhere. This is of course because HP is very useful and important as a communication tool so it is always needed at all times.



Sometimes when we are not careful, HP can fall and enter the water. In addition, our cellphones may accidentally be exposed to spills of drinking water or other liquid objects.


When it rains, it is also possible that your cellphone is exposed to water because it is not stored properly. Many events can HP is accidentally exposed to water. What happens if the cellphone is exposed to water? Is it very fatal?


Mobile phones that are exposed to water can suffer minor to severe damage, yes. The HP screen or LCD is one of the parts that are prone to damage. HP LCD exposed to water can suffer minor to severe damage. 


For example, a screen with a white display, an error screen that cannot be used, or even a completely dead HP screen. In addition to the cellphone screen, the speaker on the cellphone is also very prone to water entry and damage.


HP speakers that get water in can damage the sound produced by the speakers and don't even turn on at all. If the cellphone is exposed to water and is not immediately dried, it is likely that all components in it can be damaged. If this happens, then your HP may be completely damaged, dead, and unusable.


Things to Avoid When Your Phone is in Water

Some inappropriate actions are often done by people panicked when they found out that their cellphones were exposed to water. Even though some of these actions will actually make HP suffer more serious damage.


Well, here are some actions to avoid when your cellphone is exposed to water, namely:

  • Turning on or activating a cellphone that is wet because it can make the cellphone short circuit.
  • Charging the HP battery.
  • Shake or shake the cellphone because it can make water go deeper into the cellphone.
  • Blow HP.
  • Use a hair dryer or hair dryer to dry the cellphone. Excessive heat from the hair dryer will actually damage the phone.


How to Overcome a Phone that is Affected by Water

The effect of a cellphone getting water in it can vary depending on how much water comes in, the length of time the cellphone is submerged in water, the handling carried out, and so on.


Improper actions can also make HP suffer severe damage. So that cell phone damage does not occur or is not too severe, then it is better to do it right away right.


The following are actions or ways to deal with HP that is exposed to water so that it is not damaged, namely:


Keep or Leave Phone on Water

Water can enter from holes in the cellphone, such as speakers, earphone jack holes, charger holes, and other sidelines.


When the phone falls into water, immediately lift the cellphone from the puddle. Never leave the cellphone in a puddle for too long so that there is not a lot of water that gets into it.


When your cellphone is exposed to a water spill, you should immediately move your cellphone away from the spill. If the cellphone is in a state of charging, then immediately remove the charger carefully so as not to get electrocuted.


Don't Activate the Phone

Most people whose cellphones are exposed to water will immediately panic. When panicked, most people will immediately turn on the cellphone to find out whether the cellphone is dead or can still function normally.


Such actions should be avoided, yes. The goal is to prevent a short circuit if there is indeed water that gets into it cell phone.


We recommend that you immediately turn off the cellphone when the phone is exposed to water while it is on. This action is one of the efforts to prevent a short circuit on the inside of the cellphone.


Remove Phone Components

The next action that must be done is to remove all components of the phone. The HP components in question are batteries, memory cards, and SIM cards.


We recommend that you remove these components carefully. Don't forget to first remove the case or cover and the HP casing. HP components are removed for the purpose of making it easier for you to dry your phone.


Then what if the cellphone that was exposed to water had a built-in battery, so it couldn't be removed?


You don't need to remove the battery, but simply remove the components of the phone that are easy to remove, such as the memory card and SIM card.


Remember that a cellphone with a built-in battery has a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) which should not be removed carelessly because it can cause other damage.


Dry All Parts of the Phone

How to overcome HP exposed to water next is to dry the phone. There are several ways to remove water on HP. Here are some examples of how to safely dry a cellphone that has been exposed to water, namely:

Drying the Phone with a Wipe

A cloth that absorbs water can be used to dry the outside of the phone. You can also use it to dry the inside of your phone that you can still reach.


Stick a dry cloth to the wet parts of the phone. You do not need to press or rub the cloth because it is feared that it could cause damage or scratches.

Drying Phone with Rice

Dry rice has properties to absorb moisture, so it is very suitable for absorbing water that enters the cellphone. This method is also very effective for dealing with HP speakers that have caught water.


You can put enough rice in a dry plastic bag. Put the phone and other parts that have been removed into the bag containing the rice. Closed plastic tightly and let stand for approximately 2 to 3 days so that the phone is completely dry to the inside.

Drying the Phone with Silica Gel

Silica gel can also be used to absorb moisture inside electronic devices, such as cell phones. In addition, silica gel is also effective in preventing water condensation.


You can use silica gel to bury the cellphone that was exposed to water in a few days so that the water in the cellphone is completely dry. Use a plastic bag or other container to bury the phone in the silica gel.

Drying the Phone with Clean Cat Sand

In addition to rice and silica gel, cat litter also has the ability to absorb moisture. These properties make cat sand can be used to absorb water that enters the cellphone.


Use fresh, clean cat litter to bury the phone with all its parts. Let the Phone be buried in clean cat litter for a few days so that the water inside is completely dry and to cat sand.

Drying Your Phone Near Air Conditioner or Fan

After trying to dry the cellphone with a cloth or other tool, you can also dry the cellphone by placing it near the air conditioner or fan.


The wind that comes from the air conditioner or fan can help dry the water that enters the cellphone.

Silence the phone before trying to turn it on

After drying, you should let the HP for some time. Do a re-check by looking at and making sure all the HP parts are dry.

Reinstall Phone Components

After making sure all HP components are dry, then you can reinstall all HP components that were previously removed. Be sure to install all HP components in the correct positions.

Try to Activate the Phone and Check its Functions

You can immediately try to activate or turn on the cellphone that has previously been dried. Check one by one the functions of the phone and make sure all can be used normally.


Don't forget to check the function of the HP screen and speakers that are available most susceptible to water damage.


If all HP functions work well, then the HP is not damaged and can be used immediately as before.

Bring the Phone to the Service Center

If the cellphone still doesn't turn on or functions properly, then you need to take it to the nearest service center for a thorough check.


Make sure to choose the best service center so that your phone can be handled properly. Also prepare some funds to pay for HP repair funds at the service center, yes.


Those are some ways to deal with cellphones that are exposed to water so that they don't suffer serious damage. It's best not to panic when your cellphone is accidentally exposed to water.


And take various actions quickly and precisely so that the cellphone can return to normal function.

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