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How to prepare Hajj funds

Hajj requires careful preparation. At the beginning, financial preparation is very important, because to get a departure queue number there must be an initial deposit that must be paid. The regular hajj fee set by the government for 2022 ranges from a total of IDR 35 million to IDR 42 million2 which is divided into two payment terms. The first deposit is Rp. 25 million (to get a queue number) and the second deposit or payment of the rest when you have confirmed departure. For special pilgrimages and furoda pilgrimages, the costs required are far above that figure.


In addition, prospective pilgrims must also consider the inflation factor. Prior to departure, the funds that must be repaid may already be above Rp. 10 million. Inflation of fuel prices for airplanes, hotels, differences in the exchange rates of the US dollar and Saudi Arabian riyals, and so on will also increase the cost of hajj. In addition, funds need to be allocated for making passports, meningitis vaccines, and if needed souvenirs or souvenirs or pocket money while there.


Reset financial priorities

If the determination and intention are unanimous, generally the effort to reach financial goals will feel lighter. So that Hajj funds can be collected according to the expected time and the required amount, we must fill in the Hajj fund posts in a disciplined and routine manner. Reset financial priorities. If income cannot be increased, then expenses must be reduced. Choose expenditure items that can still be saved, such as entertainment posts. Reduce the cost or frequency of eating out of the home and be more selective and economical in spending/expenditures.


Let money work for us

Due to the long waiting period for regular and special Hajj, don't let our money sleep in a savings account and be eroded by inflation. Mutual funds can be used as an alternative to save and develop Hajj fund posts. Diversify into various types of mutual funds, ranging from money market mutual funds that relatively low risk, fixed income mutual funds with moderate risk, to equity funds with high risk. In investing, the principles of high risk high return and low risk low return apply. High profit potential carries a high level of risk. Vice versa. If the preparation time is quite short, around 1-2 years, keep it in an instrument with a relatively low risk. If it's still very long, more than 10 years, please increase your share in equity mutual funds.


Sharia equity mutual funds can be used to prepare for the long-term pilgrimage. For example, Manulife Syariah Sector Amanah (MSSA) is a mutual fund that is managed according to sharia principles and invests in various stocks of companies in Indonesia. MSSA mutual funds recorded a performance of 12.88% in the last year (as of the end of May 2022).


The public can also take advantage of mutual funds with lower risk, such as the Manulife Syariah Sukuk Indonesia mutual fund MSSI invests in sukuk or short tenor Sharia Securities, resulting in a mutual fund character that is more conservative than stocks. MSSI recorded a performance of 4.48% YoY as of the end of May 2022.


Hajj requires excellent physical condition. Good financial preparation allows us to leave while we are still physically fit and healthy. When we get the opportunity to leave earlier than the estimated time, that's when we already have the funds to pay off the costs.

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