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Cashless Family Health Insurance in Indonesian

Actually, each insurance company has a different policy regarding how to claim. However, cashless claims are generally very easy, just take the following steps:


  • Visiting the hospital administration
  • Submit a family health insurance card
  • The hospital will contact the insurance directly

As long as the hospital contacts the insurance company, you don't have to wait long. You can immediately register for a consultation session and do treatment.


After the consultation and treatment procedures are completed, then the insurance card will be returned. You don't need to spend any money during the procedure. So easy, right?


8 Recommendations for Cashless Family Health Insurance

But, keep in mind that this cashless claim can only be made at a hospital that is already your insurance partner. If the hospital visited is not a partner hospital, then cashless claims cannot be made.



In some cases, you will be asked to attach additional documents as an attachment to the insurance card submitted to the hospital. The cashless claim documents required are:


  • ID card
  • Family Card (KK)
  • Insurance card
  • Examination book (if any)


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Difference between cashless and reimbursement insurance claims

In addition to cashless claims, there is also a claim system by way of reimbursement. This is a claim method that can be made if you seek treatment at a hospital that is not an insurance partner hospital.


When using the reimbursement claim system, you first need to pay for hospital treatment costs independently. Later, you can contact the insurance company to apply for a reimbursement.


You do this by filling out a reimbursement claim form, then attaching the required documents requested, one of which is proof of payment and the results of the hospital examination.


If the claim submission is approved, the insurance company will reimburse the costs that you have spent in advance to cover hospital costs.


This method is certainly different from the cashless system which tends to be more practical, where customers just need to submit their insurance card to the hospital without having to take care of other processes.


Do not ignore the importance of having health insurance, especially for the protection of health and family finances.

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