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The Best Car Insurance in Indonesia

In Indonesia, vehicle insurance is optional except for vehicles that are licensed to carry passengers and commercial trucks. However, there is controversy over whether auto insurance is mandatory for cars and motorcycles.

Indonesian Law No. 22 of 2009 “Road Traffic and Land Transportation” is the current law regarding driving including vehicle insurance.

Types of Car insurance



There are several types of car insurance:

  • Responsibility towards others
  • Total loss/loss
  • Theft - Vehicles are rarely returned for car or motorcycle theft.
  • cost of treatment
  • Natural disasters (floods, winds, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions)
  • General civil unrest and disorder
  • Each extension has its own additional costs.

Choose a Car Insurance Company

There are many car insurance companies in Indonesia and many of them offer low premiums. Vehicle owners are encouraged to review claims payment records from insurance. Think about it and ask other car owners for recommendations.

Joint Insurance Company

It is possible to purchase insurance in the foreigner's home country, including vehicles that can later be purchased in Indonesia.

Before arriving, foreigners who want to buy a car in Indonesia should contact the insurance company in their country:

  1. Find out if any company has a joint contract with one or more Indonesian car insurance companies.
  2. Check out the services offered by insurance companies around the world, whether they are insurance companies or not.

In Indonesia, joint ventures are made between foreign companies and life insurance companies, but especially in auto insurance. Until recently, most foreign insurance companies underestimated the risk. If there is a regular car insurance company, the premiums are very expensive.

Therefore, many foreigners use the services of Indonesian-owned vehicle insurance companies.

Third-party Insurance

Multiple agencies Third party Insurance (Liability) is mandatory for all vehicles, motorcycles or vehicles deemed illegal. However, most cars and of course most motorcycles in Indonesia are uninsured. To cover uninsured third-party drivers, the government has created a third-party auto insurance program that covers only personal injury and is funded through vehicle registration taxes. Managed by PT Jasa Raharja (Persero).

This means that if the foreign driver driving his vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, the injured person will be compensated for bodily injury, regardless of whether the foreigner has insurance or not.

Without confusion about insurance, foreigners who own a car or motorbike should be insured against third party collision/loss, theft and vehicle (or liability) insurance.

Buying and Insuring a New Car

Anyone who buys a new car in Indonesia and finances it with bank must be insured against accident/total loss and theft.

Most Indonesian car insurance companies sell it If you have documents related to car ownership.

However, only foreigners with valid visas (KITAS or KITAP) can buy a car in Indonesia. Foreigners with social and cultural visas (only valid for six months) cannot buy a new car without sponsorship from Indonesia. Many foreigners report that a passport and a KITAS or KITAP visa are the only documents required.

Purchase and Insurance of Second-hand Cars

Foreigners who do not have a KITAS or KITAP visa (regardless of their residency status) can purchase and insure used cars. But the problem is the legal address. Non-resident foreigners cannot register a vehicle in their name. That is, the title means the owner is an Indonesian; This may not be limited to foreign owners.

Compensation from Insurance Company

By The following is the procedure for submitting a claim through an insurance company in Indonesia:

  1. Report the accident or theft to your insurance company as soon as possible. max 72 hours
  2. Take the vehicle to an insurance company approved repair shop for repair. If there is no licensed garage nearby, first ask for a repair estimate from another garage and send it to your insurance company for pre-approval. Insurance companies also inspect vehicles before they are repaired.
  3. Submit the following documents:
    • Application form
    • Copy of SIM and STNK
    • Police certificate (report) of an accident or theft.

Third Party Claims - Vehicle Damage Only

  • The driver must not sign a third party affidavit in an accident where the third party vehicle is responsible for the accident and damage.
  • Third parties must fax their claim along with a written police report detailing the incident the insurance company considered the accident to be the fault of the insured, he sent a third party to repair his vehicle at a designated repair shop.
  • Before repair and third party insurance must check for damage to the vehicle
  • The third party must submit the following documents:
    • Application form
    • Photocopy of SIM Card and STNK Card - Insured
    • Copy of SIM and STNK - third party
    • Police Certificate (Report)
    • Insurance Company Application - Third Party
    • Garage Repair Instructions

Third Party Claims - Body Injury

  • The driver must not sign a waiver to any third party causing the accident and personal injury caused by the third party.
  • The third party must file a claim together with a written police report detailing the injuries sustained as a result of the accident.
  • The insurance company examines claims and supporting documents and determines whether the policyholder is legally liable.
  • Party must provide original receipts for payment of medical and funeral expenses or compensation for property damage caused by the accident.
  • When the Company agrees to pay third party claims and the affected party (third party) to sign a statement stating that an agreement has been reached for financial compensation for non-claims, stating that payment has been made. . loss due to accident

Collision Insurance - Claim in case of total loss or theft of the vehicle

Submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Copy of SIM and STNK
  • Police Certificate (Report)

If the insured vehicle is really lost or stolen, the insurance company will send employees (or surveyors) to inspect the location of the loss or theft. Interviews were also conducted and statements were taken if necessary.

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